Altered Book Class

In this class, I will show you how to take an existing book and altered it. I will be using discarded, vintage, old, antique, recycle items and create a one of a kind book. I will walk you through the steps and teach you how to create different looks.

This is a book, that I created and it is an original. There are many things within this class that I cover;

I show you step by step, how to take discarded, worn out, antique, vintage and recycled items and create a one of a kind book. I show you various ways to create unique pages and how to incorporate items, to enhance your look to your book.

I show you, how I bind the book, using a simple technique, that I love using.

I walk you, step by step through the process of creating and painting the book cover, along with the inside covers and pages.

In this class, I will show and discuss with you, different samples that came from working the techniques, but how each one has it own unique look to it.

There are over 2 hrs of videos, for this class.

The bezel on the front cover of this book is not part of this class.  I do teach how to make these types of bezels, in my online class; One of a kind bezels.

I have also made my classes, available for download. Please keep in mind, that to be able to download the videos, you may find that your download speed is too slow. If you find that you are having a hard time downloading the videos, this may require you to find a spot(business) that allows free use of their wifi and has faster download speed or contact your internet provider and see about obtaining faster speed. Also, sometimes firewall protections and image blockers will prevent you from downloading videos.


You will want to make sure, that IF the email that you pay with, isn't where you want me to send the invite link to my class, that you let me know. Otherwise, the email that is listed on your payment receipt, is where the invite link, will be sent to.


***All classes sales are final***

***to view more of my art, please visit my blog***

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