be still my beating heart

This is a handmade book that I created, incorporating various vintage/antique and modern elements, along with items that I have altered, to create this beautiful book. 

I love to create books that invite the viewer in and have them wanting more.  Not only does this book reflect that, but it is a piece of art, that could be displayed as is.  What a conversational piece this book is.

This book measures roughly, 7 1/4 x 7 1/8.  While this book is sturdy, please keep in mind, that due to the items that I have incorporated into this book, many items are delicate and very old and need to be handled with care.  

I have used many items that I purchased from my trip to, France and from my travels within the U.S.  These items are dating anywhere from 1700's-1900's and need to be handled with love.  Some of my items within this book, have been altered through the process of tea/coffee staining and patinas.  

The covers was created using vintage and antique fabrics, along with the blue ribbon and lace from my trip to Paris, France.  The heart on the front cover, is one of my own handmade heart bezels.  The inside pages, have numerous papers and trims from France, along with various items (papers, metal chain, vintage buttons, etc.) from within the U.S.

I have included watercolor papers into this book.  There is 7 pages of watercolor paper and if you count the backsides of those and the back inside cover, that would make 15 pages for you to work onto.  Along with working directly onto the vintage papers, as I have done on some of them.

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