Glory proclaim

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For years, our family has created handmade ornaments, that hang on our tree. A time to bring family and friends together, to create memories and reminisce over past ones.

Each person makes at least 3 ornaments. I keep one for our tree and they take two for theirs. How fun it is each year, to pull out the boxes of handmade ornaments and reminisce over them.

I have created an angel ornament that truly reflects this. This ornament is a labor of love. There is layers of techniques, steps and hours that have gone into creating this. I have incorporated vintage fabrics, clay, resin, wire, stitching, paper, paints, bell and an image of angels singing.

This pieces measures roughly, 2 3/4 x 6 3/4. This is measuring from the top of the wire, to the bottom of the bell.

I make my pieces to last for years, but please remember that this piece, is handmade and should be handled with care.  

The last image shown, is a group photos of the ornaments.  You are ONLY getting the ornament listed in the first image, not the group of ornaments.

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