Handmade art book.....Treasured memories

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This book was inspired by my teaching trip that I took in 2018, to Paris.  I love to create pieces of art/books that capture a memory, moment, event, etc.  A piece that allows you to revisit it again and again. 

This book inspired me to create an online version of this book, to teach how I created this.  This book is from that online class; "Treasured memories".

There is something so magical about holding something this size in the palm of your hands.  As if you are holding a precious gem.  The book measures roughly,  4 1/4 x 5 1/2.  This is measuring with the overflow of fabrics, on each side.  This is a book, that will have you and others wanting to hold it and revisit it again and again.

I have incorporated many elements into this book.  Vintage fabrics from Paris, France, images, paints, inks, vintage trim, ribbon, stitching, vintage lace, vintage flowers, vintage papers, old envelope, watercolor paper and wire.

The images that are within this book, are images that I took in Paris.

As the vintage fabrics came from Paris, some are delicate and need to be handled with care.