Handmade book....."always and forever"

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My books are not only functional, but can be displayed as a piece of art or conversational piece.  This is exactly what this book is about.  

I have created a book that not only incorporates old, vintage, recycled, tattered pieces, but also the pages within this book, have been tea stained to enhance this look of the book.

This book measures roughly, 6" x 7 3/4".  I have included 51 pages of various sizes in this book.  If you count the backsides, that would make 102 sides to create, scrapbook, sketch, journal, record a special event or just leave the pages as is.  The pages themselves measures, 4" x 5" (this would be the largest size of the pages and the various other sizes would be smaller than this).

I have incorporated an old paintbrush, vintage pieces of fabrics that date late 1700's to early 1800's and a couple smaller pieces that date 1900's.  Old flowers that came from my trip to Paris, one of my handmade heart bezels that I have applied patina to, rhinestones within the heart bezel, sticks, a piece of driftwood from the shores of Denmark, metal, leather piece for the wrap of this book, old paper, stitching and cardboard.  I have created a wrap for this book, that allows you to tie this book closed.  

Please keep in mind, that I have used old and vintage pieces within this book and they need to be handled with care.