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A sacred place... online tutorial instructional class

A sacred place... online tutorial instructional class

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Please read full description of this listing.  You will not be receiving any physical item, as this is a video instructional tutorial online class.

I love creating books that evoke an emotion within me that captures a moment, memories, an event or tells a story.  A piece that craves for you to come back to it again and again just to revisit that memory.

In this class, I will discuss and walk you through the steps on how I created a fabric book cover using old vintage materials. I will then show you how I sewed my pages into the fabric cover and continue with discussing and showing you how I painted and enhanced my pages with papers, paints, inks, words, etc.

 If you are wanting to learn my method of how I do my eco-dyed papers, tissues and fabrics, to visit my Youtube channel. The eco-dyed papers used in this class are from this method.

I have also added a bonus book (2nd book shown at the bottom of photos); "sacred stories" to this online class.  I show how I created a different version of this book using the techniques from this class.  I discuss my pages and how I brought them together with the techniques that I created onto them. I do not show you step by step how I painted the pages in this additional bonus book, but I do discuss how and the supplies that I used to create them.

In this class, I will show and discuss with you, different samples that came from using the techniques shown in this class, but how each one has it own unique look to it. That by changing up the size, focal point, themes, colors, etc., that you could continuously create books and each one be unique.

There are over 4 hrs of videos, for this class.

The bezel on the front cover of one of my sample books within this class is not part of this class.  I do teach how to make these types of bezels, in my online class; One of a kind bezels.

I have also made my classes, available for download. Please keep in mind, that to be able to download the videos, you may find that your download speed is too slow. If you find that you are having a hard time downloading the videos, this may require you to find a spot(business) that allows free use of their wifi and has faster download speed or contact your internet provider and see about obtaining faster speed. Also, sometimes firewall protections and image blockers will prevent you from downloading videos.

***PLEASE NOTE*** I still hold the copyrights to all of my videos and photos, even though I allow you to download them. The videos, images and instructions are for your personal use only. You do not have my permission to copy the videos, instructions or photos and resell them for any purpose.




You will want to make sure, that IF the email that you pay with, isn't where you want me to send the invite link to my class, that you let me know. Otherwise, the email that is listed on your payment receipt, is where the invite link, will be sent to.

 Once I receive payment, the link for this class will be sent to you within 24 hrs.



***to view more of my art, please visit my blog***

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Instagram; Nellie Wortman


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