I am a mixed media artist and instructor. I started creating art, 22 yrs. ago. Looking back now, I can see that I have always in some shape or form, been creating art. As an instructor, I have traveled to numerous places within the U.S., as well as, Paris, France to teach my art. I believe that each of us has a story to tell and share and it through my art that I share my stories.

Our world holds many layers of evidence, of things or people, who have come before me. Whether that be a day, month, year or decades, the layers hold stories, dreams, memories of others, who are just like us. They too wanted to leave their mark on this life, for someone to remember them and their stories.

When I create a piece of art, I tend to use tattered, torn, worn, vintage, old or recycled items. These pieces to some might feel useless, but to me, they are priceless. I like to work with them and show, that even if you look like you are not worth saving, that there is still hope and beauty left.

It is through the use of these pieces, I like to think, that I am giving a new life, revealing their beauty, memories or stories, for all to see or hear.