Handmade Mini Book Class

This is a tutorial online class, that I have designed and created. I will be showing you how to make, a mini book, using fabrics and papers.  The sample book measures 3 x 4.

I love to create projects, that are fun and can be created within a day. This is a class, that you could do with kids ( helping with sewing the signatures, might be needed), family or friends. How fun would it be, to have an art day, with loved ones and create memories, that can be cherished for years to come. 

This book might be a small book, but it has a powerful effect. Just by changing up the size, fabrics, papers, words, etc., you could continuously create this book over and over again and each book, be unique within itself.

In this class, I will walk you through the steps in, incorporating paper, fabrics, attaching your signatures and stitching.

This is a fun and short class. It consists of 7 segments and has over 1 1/2 hrs of videos, for this class.

I have also, made my classes available for download. Please keep in mind, that to be able to download the videos, you may find that your download speed is too slow. If you find that you are having a hard time downloading the videos, this may require you to find a spot(business) that allows free use of their wifi and has faster download speed or contact your internet provider and see about obtaining faster speed. Also, sometimes firewall protections and image blockers will prevent you from downloading videos.


You will want to make sure that if the email that you pay with, isn't where you want me to send the invite link to my class, that you let me know. Otherwise, the email that is listed on your payment receipt, is where the invite link will be sent to.

***All classes sales are final***


***to view more of my art, please visit my blog***


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