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Bezel ONLINE tutorial instructional class

Bezel ONLINE tutorial instructional class

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You will not be receiving any physical item, as this is a video instructional tutorial online class.

I hold my online classes through Ruzuku. Upon purchase of this class, you will be sent a link for this class, within 24 hrs, generally much sooner. I have also made the class available for download, if you desire to do so. This is only available to you, after you accept the link for the class and sign into the online class at Ruzuku. You will not be downloading anything from my website. You will not be receiving a physical item for this listing.

This is an online video instructional class, that I have put together, where I will teach you step by step, on how I make my bezels.

A few years ago, I wanted to make a bezel, that had more of a organic feel and look to me. After hours of experimenting in my studio, I have come up with one, that reflects this look and feel.

I will walk you step by step, through the following...

A supply list with tools and resources, to where I purchase my goodies

How to create your own bezel

I walk you through the design, solder, pickle and patina process

Finally, I will walk you through the resin process, which gives me the clear glass look, to my pieces.

*** please note*** The last 3 images, are examples of how I incorporated bezels into my work. I do not show you how to create these projects. This class, is only for creating bezels.

The first two images, are various samples of bezels, that I have created in the past.

THIS IS A VIDEO INSTRUCTIONAL CLASS, which I will be sending you a link to Ruzuku (this is where I hold my online classes), for this class. You will receive the link within 24 hrs, generally much sooner.

I have also made my classes available for download. Please keep in mind, that to be able to download the videos, you may find that your download speed is too slow. If you find that you are having a hard time downloading the videos, this may require you to find a spot(business) that allows free use of their wifi and has faster download speed or contact your internet provider and see about obtaining faster speed. Also, sometimes firewall protections and image blockers, will prevent you from downloading videos.


****When you purchase this class here on my website, I will notify you within 24 hours, with the information on how to access my class***

Once you are in the class; it starts immediate and all of the course lessons are available at once.


You will want to make sure, that if the email that you pay with, isn't where you want me to send the invite link to for this class, that you let me know ASAP. Otherwise, the email that is listed on your payment receipt, is where the invite link will be sent to.

***Please note, I still hold copyrights to my videos and images, even though I allow you to download them. You do not have my permission in any form to reproduce my videos, instructions or images, without my consent***

****to view more of my art, please visit my blog at***


Pinterest; vintage123

Instagram; Nellie Wortman

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